Buying Horse Supplies in SWFL

Buying Horse Supplies in SWFL

A question I am frequently asked is, where can I get horse supplies; feed, tack, equipment, etc.? Look no further! I have complied a list of places I have used and trust to have everything I need for my horses. They also have everything you need for all your farm animals.
Tractor Supply:
Address: Varies per city
Phone: Varies at each location

Mary Lou’s Feed, Tack and Western Wear:
Address: 8050 Bayshore Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33917
Phone: 239-731-0001

Hayloft Western Wear:
Address: 4300 Lexington Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33905
Phone: 239-694-4916

Van Roekel & Associates:
Address: 18321 N Olga Dr, Alva, FL 33920
Phone: 239-694-7177

David Meloy Hay Co.:
Address: 3621 Buckingham Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33905
Phone: 239-694-4611

Kentucky Bluegrass
For more information on buying or selling visit my website here!

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