31 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

1. Start from the bottom: cover up the concrete floor.

  • Many hardware stores sell interlocking deck tiles that you can then lay out to fit the square footage of your space.

2. Or if wood is not your style, treat a table cloth with a water-based polyurethane to make an outdoor rug.

  • Maybe it’s not the most durable of all outdoor rugs, but it is certainly one of the least expensive.

3. Crochet an outdoor rope rug out of colorful polypropylene rope.

  • There isn’t really a pattern for this, it’s just a super basic crochet stitch using a durable material

4. Turn crates into cheap, cozy seating.

  • You can find inexpensive ones at hardware stores and craft stores. To make sure they’re rain-resistant, treat them with a weatherproof stain, and if they feel unstable, screw in a few corner braces.

5. You can also turn crates on their end for handy end tables.

6. Put together a super simple bench with cinder blocks and 4x4s.

7. Freshen up the furniture you already have by giving it a fresh coat of exterior paint.

  • Yes, the cushions too

For the other clever ways to decorate your outdoor space visit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/nataliebrown/someday-my-porch-will-come?utm_term=.wb2DVv959#.uhWja5kOk


Source: 31 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space


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