Fourth of July Pool/Garden Orbs


Makes six pool/garden orbs

2 red balloons

2 blue balloons

2 white balloons (Amazon has a nice pack of Red, White & Blue Balloons for cheap)

6 submersible tea lights (*The Dollar Store sells the battery operated non-submersible tea lights at 2/$1. They are slightly larger, but may also work in this application since the lights don’t actually get wet….haven’t tested this though, so not sure if you could fit it in the balloon)


First, twist your tea lights to the on position. Then, stretch the opening of each of your six balloons and pop one tea light into each balloon.

Blow up the balloon to the desired size. I wanted mine to be more round and less oblong, so I didn’t fill mine up to maximum capacity.

You may need to tilt/shake the balloon to ensure that the tea light is facing up. The added bonus of using these tea lights is that they have a bit of weight to them, so they ensured that the orbs would stay right side up, and that the tied end of the balloon stayed under water (or in the dirt).

Float the orbs in the pool. Alternatively, you could scatter them around the garden if you don’t have a pool.


Source: Fourth of July Themed DIY Pool/Garden Orbs – Beckham + Belle


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