When Your Flippin’ Dreams Start to Become Reality

When I received my real estate license almost 3 years ago one of the first dreams I remember having about success in my new career was to flip houses with my Dad.  I’m sure the dream was rooted in his inspiring me to pursue real estate to begin with and our Daddy daughter trips to the job sites when he was flipping houses in 2008 when the market crashed.  My dad was flippin’ houses before HGTV made it cool. During those few years where new construction was in the tank, my Dad flipped around 50 houses to help our family survive. Perhaps it was those not so fond memories that gave him hesitation all this time.

Timing and another piece of the puzzle

Of course, waiting is frustrating for anyone…especially a millennial like me who has always lived in an instantaneous world of microwaves, instant messaging and ask Google for the answer.  Even though I had my mom on my side, we hadn’t been able to convince my Dad.  She encouraged me to trust that God’s timing is always perfect and she asked me a question. “What other skills do you need in order to live out your dream?” The thoughts had already been circling around in my brain – an interior design degree.  So, I jumped in with both feet and am excited to be graduating Design School in March of 2018 (two more semesters -but really who’s counting?).

Many of my friends assumed I was changing careers when I announced I was going to school for interior design.  However, that was never the case.  In fact, the whole purpose of the degree is so that I can help my real estate clients on a whole new level.   Buying and selling a home is so much more than just sticking a “for sale” sign in the yard.  Clients make their decisions on an emotional level thinking about how their families will live and function in the space, does it match their personalities and their dreams of what family life for them looks like. Adding the interior design piece of the puzzle allows me to help them turn their vision into reality.

The pieces of the puzzle were coming together. Meanwhile, my pursuit to convince my Dad to flip houses with me was not working out for me.  And out of nowhere things took a positive turn in the direction I had been dreaming about. A phone call from a prospective buyer came in. Someone had shared my monthly Wide Open Spaces newsletter with them.

The dream begins to come together

Little did I know that phone call was the first step to fulfilling the goal I had set to flip houses with my Dad.  The buyer was looking for a home in Buckingham on 10 acres or more. The dream was happening and I didn’t even know it yet. My Dad and I were about to get to work together in a BIG way. The buyer decided to buy, not one home but two homes on a 10-acre estate.  And both homes needed a ton, I mean a TON of work.  The first home renovation is getting some final touches and I can’t wait to share more details with you. And the second home is underway as well scheduled to be completed at the end of August.

Yep that’s right just one phone call and my dreams to help clients – buy, remodel, sell – has become a reality.  Whether you are looking for help to design your current home, desiring to turn an old home in a prime location into your dream home or just looking to flip homes for financial gain, me and my team (Daddio – general contractor and myself – realtor + designer) are your one stop shop for making those dreams come true.

I love working with my dad so much..enjoy a couple pictures of us working together! 🙂


flip 2
Whitewashing a fireplace in a Flip house!
Adding back-splash to mine and Zack’s beautiful 80’s kitchen. 😉

I am creating my website and some other exciting things that you will soon learn about – so stay tuned! 😊


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