Best Farmhouse Decor From Hobby Lobby

farmhouse decor from hobby lobby


As many of you know I grew up on a horse farm with horses, dogs, cats, and even a donkey at one point. So, the farmhouse design trend is something that I am slightly [more than slightly] obsessed with. So, I wanted to compile a list of all my favorite farmhouse décor items from Hobby Lobby.

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Love this little galvanized metal caddie. Add some old glass milk jars and some fresh flowers [or fake flowers if you don’t have a green thumb, like myself] and you have a perfect farmhouse table centerpiece.

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Not the same sign, but this is one example of how you can use the farmhouse sign. Source: Photo by @hawthornhomeinteriors

You could hang this sign by itself or incorporate it into a gallery wall. This sign is a must have when you are designing your home with a farmhouse design aesthetic.

hobby lobby 1
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One example of how you can use a Magnolia Wreath. Source: Photo by @bentleyblonde

I love Magnolia Wreath’s. Adding green to your space can make it feel more alive and vibrant. You can hang a Magnolia Wreath on your front door or you can use them to decorate your interior spaces as well.

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teired trey
Source: Photo by @thelittlewhitefarmhouse

These 3 tiered treys are so versatile. If you’re deign style isn’t farmhouse you can easily switch out some of the decor pieces to match your design style better. You can also decorate these for the different holidays!

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tabbacco basket 2
Source: Photo By @simplyshannahome

These Tabacco Baskets add a nice rustic, southern touch that is perfect with the farmhouse design.  You can hang them as wall decor, or place them on a shelf for added dimension.


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cotton wreathhh
Source: Photo By @thegracehouse

I love cotton wreaths, they are classic and timeless. You can hang them on a mirror or window just like the Magnolia Wreaths.


Happy Decorating! 🙂




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